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Effects Of Cholesterol and Related Health Conditions

When there is too much cholesterol in the blood it can cause damage to the arteries. The waxy substance can build up along artery walls and cause the arteries to become narrow and hardened. Diseases of the arteries due to uncontrolled cholesterol can lead to more serious heart diseases and even death.

Failure to lower cholesterol can take years to harm the body. Someone with high cholesterol may feel just fine too. The impact of high cholesterol sometimes cannot be seen until one suffers a heart attack or stroke.

Read the following articles to know the effects of cholesterol and related health conditions:

Atherosclerosis: A Danger of High Cholesterol
This condition can lead to a heart attack and stroke.

Effect of High Homocysteine Levels
Homocysteine is in short an amino acid and has been linked to people with cardiovascular disease.

Cholesterol and Triglyceride Level
Doctor's orders to lower cholesterol may include instructions to lower those triglycerides in the blood as well.

Cholesterol and Obesity: Host to Many Diseases
The link between high cholesterol and obesity is significant

Cholesterol Build up Causes Artery Blockage
Build up of cholesterol in the arteries can lead to various types of heart disease, not the least of which is hardening of the arteries and a blockage of blood flow through the arteries.

Hypothyroidism and Cholesterol
It may be difficult to lower cholesterol if there is a problem with your thyroid gland.

Risks for Type 1 Diabetics
Type I diabetics need to lower cholesterol or run the risk of losing their sight.

Angina Chest Pain: An Outcome of High Cholesterol
Don’t lower cholesterol and you could be facing a condition known as angina in your future.

Plaque Rupture Stroke: How Does it Happen
Failure to lower cholesterol can lead to a dangerous and even deadly occurrence known as plaque rupture.

From Liquid to Solid: How Cholesterol Clogs the Arteries
The truth is that cholesterol is necessary to many functions in the body

Blood Pressure May Be Impacted by Failure to Manage Cholesterol
Cholesterol levels are an important health marker. When cholesterol is excessively high it can lead to a wide range of coronary diseases.

The High Price of High Cholesterol
The cost of a first time heart attack or stroke occurring in people who failed to reduce their cholesterol was more than $13 billion considering both lost wages and hospitalization.

Tangier Disease Add to Challenge to Reduce Cholesterol
It can be even more difficult to reduce cholesterol if you are one of the rare individuals with a recessive genetic condition called Tangier disease.

Reduce Cholesterol to Prevent Calcification within Arteries
Calcification is a process where plaque in the arteries gets progressively harder. It then adheres to the cholesterol build up that is already there and causes a worsening of the condition known as atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

Reduce Cholesterol to Prevent Heart Disease
If you are not sure about how important it is to reduce cholesterol, then you should consider that high cholesterol will ultimately lead to heart disease.

Familial Lipid Disorders: Do They Work Against You to Reduce Cholesterol?
There are several traits we inherit from our family that can impact our ability to control or reduce cholesterol. A number of conditions that affect cholesterol and can cause high cholesterol are classified and grouped together under the umbrella of familial lipid disorders (FLD).

Fatty Deposits, Heredity and What This Means About Your Cholesterol
Cholesterol in excess has long been the culprit of fatty deposits lining the arteries. This is a dangerous condition that causes the arteries to become clogged and hardened.

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