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Tips To Lower Cholesterol

You don’t have to settle for prescription medications with life-long dependency and undesirable side effects. There are many preventative measures you can take and natural ways to lower cholesterol.

A healthy diet, good exercise plan and the proper nutrients can often do more to lower cholesterol than many drugs on the market. Even those with a family history will benefit from the natural approaches to lowering cholesterol.

Read the following articles and learn tips to lower cholesterol:

Avoid Foods With Saturated Fats
Someone trying to lower cholesterol intake will have difficulty in two ways when they consume foods high in saturated fats.

Soya Lecithin Supplement
For those with high cholesterol, this is one of the best supplements available to lower cholesterol.

Lower Cholesterol Exercise
The benefits of exercise in lowering cholesterol cannot be overemphasized.

Lower Cholesterol without Stress
You can implement some stress reduction techniques that can also reduce cholesterol.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid and Cholesterol
The Omega 3 fatty acid found in most varieties of fish can help significantly lower cholesterol.

Policosanol Supplement Cholesterol
Policosanol shows great promise for people who want to lower cholesterol as quickly and effectively as prescription drugs.

Does Soluble Fiber Lower Cholesterol?
Soluble fiber been shown to significantly lower cholesterol and help prevent the heart disease that can result from high cholesterol levels.

Using Nicotinic Acid to Lower Cholesterol
Nicotinic acid is effective in lowering LDL cholesterol even by as much as 10 or 20 percent.

Read the Label When Trying to Lower Cholesterol

Choosing foods wisely is one significant way to lower cholesterol without prescription drugs.

Natural Cholesterol Lowering with Soluble Fiber
Fiber, the soluble kind such as that found in oat bran, is the type of fiber that actually washes away the bad cholesterol that clings to the inner walls of the arteries. Here are a few simple ways to add fiber to your diet which can help in lowering cholesterol without the use of drugs.

Lowering Cholesterol by Yoga Exercise and Diet
Yoga may be a trend in the United States that has come and gone and come back again. But don’t confuse a trend with a fad. Yoga is an ancient form of relaxation and exercise that has many healthy benefits, including lowering cholesterol.

Taking Supplements To Lower Cholesterol
The average American diet is anything but nutrient rich.  That can be a problem when trying to lower cholesterol. The first step to lowering cholesterol should be an effort to improve your diet.

Drink Your Way To Lower Cholesterol
There are drinks that contain that contain many nutrients and minerals that can actually lower cholesterol. Some of the best drinks are fruit and vegetable juices.

Importance of Reducing Cortisol
Stress can make lowering cholesterol so difficult because of the physiological process stress initiates.

Low-Fat Vs Low-Carb for Cholesterol Management
Losing weight may be one effective method of cholesterol management. There have been trends and fads, some based on science and others based on media hype and food crazes, but the basic formula for losing weight remains the same.

Leave Transfats and Eat Cholesterol Lowering Foods
Trans fats do double duty in raising overall blood cholesterol

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