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Exercises You Can Do To Lower Cholesterol

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The benefits of exercise in lowering cholesterol cannot be overemphasized! In fact, exercise has so many positive affects on overall health and well being that even if it didn’t lower cholesterol, it would be worth the effort. Scientific studies have been able to show that exercise increases HDL. HDL is the good cholesterol that can reverse some of the build up caused by LDL or bad cholesterol. Exercise also increases the lipoprotein lipase which helps lower triglycerides in the blood – another type of fat in the blood you want to keep low.Here are some exercises you can do to improve your cholesterol in a natural way.They are easy to add to your everyday routine and don’t require any special gym memberships or fancy equipment. They are small steps you can take every day to lower your cholesterol. Walk your way to lower cholesterol by adding a few minutes each day. If you normally drive everywhere, look at what stops on your errand list could be accomplished on foot. Even if you do drive, try parking further away from your final destination and walking the extra distance.

If most of the places you go are beyond walking distance, see if they are within biking distance.  A bike ride gets major muscle groups working and can also be a cardiovascular exercise that improves stamina, reduce weight and help lower cholesterol.

One more tip. When exercising to lower cholesterol, don’t focus on the movement.  Add music or conversation to your routine to make it more enjoyable.  Look at the time walking or riding as a fun activity to share with family or friends too. They may also enjoy the exercise and reap the benefits of lower cholesterol.

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