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Why Stress Makes it Hard to Reduce Cholesterol

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It is difficult enough for some people to reduce cholesterol and being stressed out about it or anything else can add to the problem. The reason stress can make reducing cholesterol so difficult is because of the physiological process stress initiates.

When you feel emotional stress, the body has a natural reaction to fight or flee. The way the body fights stress is to release more of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol then triggers the release of fat into the bloodstream creating extra fuel for the body. Fat in the blood stream equals higher cholesterol levels including the Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), which is the bad type of cholesterol that causes plaque to build up in the arteries.

Another response that stress triggers in an effort to get more fats is a strong craving for fatty foods. No doubt you’ve seen a jilted person sitting with the spoon in the carton of ice cream or the harried business person quickly downing the fast food special platter of greasy burgers and onion rings. That is because stress is calmed by fat and these foods are especially fatty. It also means that the greater intake of fatty foods means higher cholesterol entering the body through food sources – in addition to the cholesterol naturally created by the body.

It makes sense then that if stress can raise LDL cholesterol, controlling stress can reduce cholesterol. A good health plan for anyone, especially those trying to reduce cholesterol, is to therefore control the stress and the automatic responses it triggers. Also having an awareness of how stress can make you crave certain types of foods you can more consciously avoid the foods. That will however only solve part of the problem. There is also the response of the body making the extra fat-releasing cortisol. The real progress comes in properly managing the stress. You can find out how to do that and make better food choices to reduce cholesterol in The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure.

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