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How Lecithin Lowers Cholesterol

By Frank Mangano
© 2005, Frank Mangano

Lecithin is a natural substance derived from the soybean. As a supplement to any diet it has amazing benefits. For those with high cholesterol it is one of the best supplements available to lower cholesterol.

Lecithin is actually a phosphorus lipid. Each cell in the body has protective membranes made of phosphorus lipids, including the nerve cells throughout the body and brain. Lecithin is useful in moving cholesterol out of the body in water and maintaining a healthy liver in general. Other benefits in addition to lowering cholesterol include making fat-soluble vitamins more easily absorbable in the body.

It is choline found in lecithin that does the job of attracting the LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood and whisking it away in a manner similar to HDL -- that good cholesterol. If using a lecithin supplement the recommended dosage is 7.5 grams per day, if taken in granule form. There are also lecithin capsules that can be taken each day. These are often combined with kelp and other B-complex vitamins, keeping a balance between the lecithin and other forms of vitamin B and working together to lower cholesterol.

I highly recommend the granule form of this supplement. If using granules, then they should be mixed with other foods or stirred into a beverage and consumed quickly. The granules will not dissolve in cold drinks and you’ll be left with a glass full of paste. So drink quickly and start enjoying lecithin’s ability to naturally lower cholesterol.

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