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Frequently Asked Questions

Is high cholesterol really that dangerous?
You bet it is! High cholesterol can become a risk factor for many serious health problems. These risks shouldn't be taken lightly as high levels of LDL cholesterol greatly increase the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease.

If I use your program can I stop using statins?
It is always best to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before you stop taking any medication. Your doctor may advise you to cut back on your medication slowly as your cholesterol lowers.

How long will it take to bring my cholesterol down to a safe level?
Results will vary on an individual basis and depend on numerous factors.  You must take on permanent healthy lifestyle changes to take control of your cholesterol.

What do statins do?
Statin medications, the most common form of cholesterol lowering drugs, work by blocking the production of cholesterol in the liver itself. Statins, although sometimes necessary, can also produce some unwanted, serious side effects.

Frank, how do I know your program will work for me?
Order your copy risk free and take my 60 day challenge! If, after you've done this your cholesterol hasn't lowered significantly, I'll refund your money 100% guaranteed.

Is your program safe?
Absolutely! My plan consists of safe, natural alternatives that DON'T require prescriptions! I personally use the supplements I recommend in The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure.

Frank, do you work in the medical field?
No. I'm not a doctor and I don't claim to be one. However, I am a hardcore researcher when it comes to finding solutions for people, especially those close to me.

How does the money back guarantee work?
You have 90 days to test my program. If for any reason you're not satisfied within the 90 day period simply request a refund, no questions asked.

I want to purchase your book but I have some questions.
Can I speak with you first?

Of course. Feel free to give me a call at (718) 833-5255.

I'm skeptical of online ordering. Just how safe is it?
Extremely safe and secure. Online ordering is handled through a secure server using 128-bit encryption. ClickBank provides credit card clearing and payment services for tens of thousands of merchants all over the internet.

How do I Download and View the Book?
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the book. This is a free download which you can obtain the latest version from Adobe by clicking here.

Once your payment is processed you will be taken to a page where you can download the book. Simply right click and save it to your desktop so you can easily find it. When finished downloading just click on the file to read the book.

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