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Diet Tips To Lower Cholesterol

By Frank Mangano
© 2005, Frank Mangano

A huge part of what contributes to good or bad cholesterol levels is your diet. You may think that you have to give up all your favorite foods or eat some kind of sawdust-flavored cereal each day in order to attain low cholesterol. Not true. There are simple additions and a few minor subtractions to your diet that will greatly help to low cholesterol upto the recommended levels, even if you have a family history.

Exchange that four letter word “diet” for a more positive sounding phrase such as eating plan. Since most people get enjoyment from eating, it is one step toward making good food choices a positive experience. Attaining low cholesterol through the right food choices sets your thinking toward what you can have, instead of focusing on what you cannot have.

Many of the best low cholesterol foods are easy to add to your diet or substitute for others. For example, try having a cup of green tea in place of another morning beverage, as green tea is full of flavonoids. This will help blood platelets that are sticking to the arteries pass on through. However, avoid drinking milk with tea because milk will bind with the flavonoids, which causes them to pass through the intestinal tract. This means you lose the apparent antioxidant benefit. Think you can’t have avocados in a healthy eating plan? Think again. Avocados are high in fat, but it is monounsaturated fat, which is actually good for you. They also don’t have any dietary cholesterol at all! Just be aware of calorie count, even in foods low in cholesterol and containing “good” fat. Weight gain will negative the positive results of foods low in cholesterol.

Another great addition to your eating plan is anything that is high in fiber. Look for food with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving to realize some great benefits of low cholesterol.

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