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Why Most People Fail At Self-Help Programs
What’s the difference between people who succeed in getting what they want and people who don’t? It’s how they view the self-help programs.

Getting Unstoppable Confidence
Unstoppable confidence is the unshakable belief in yourself and what you are capable of. What separates the people who achieve their dreams and the people who languish is confidence.

Becoming A Master Of Action
Close the gap between learning and applying what has been learned. Many people learn a lot of things. The challenge is then applying everything useful learned.

Killing Procrastination Instantly
Many people procrastinate for a number of reasons: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, etc.

Stopping Bad Communication
Bad communication is ineffective communication. By ineffective communication, I’m referring to communication that does not efficiently yield the result desired by the communicators.

Eliciting States In People
A simple formula for creating emotional states in others. Remember to always go first. For whatever emotional state you want someone else to go into, you have to go there first!

How To Be A Cause and Not An Effect
Are you a ‘cause’ or an ‘effect’? The more control over your life you have, the more empowered you are.

My outcome of this message is to change the belief that you have to have someone externally appoint you to do anything and realize that you can easily appoint yourself to get the results you want.

The Lost Art of Planning
“Failing to plan is like planning to fail”. A lot of people have a mixture of influences from friends, relatives, and others who shape their lifestyles. They end up leading what I term “accidental lifestyles” or “lifestyles by default.”

How to Overcome Intimidation
There’s no such thing as intimidation. There’s no such thing. There’s no such thing. What I’m getting at here is that intimidation is not a “thing”. If you feel intimidated by something or someone, it’s a process you’re doing mentally. Nothing more.

Finding Your True Purpose In Life
If you’re stuck doing something you don’t like, you’re not on purpose. It’s spiritually depressing to be stuck in a rut of a job that taxes you daily.

How To Never Be Bored Again
Boredom is a process. You may not like what I’m about to say next, especially if you’re often bored. Here goes anyway.

How To Ruthlessly Slaughter Overwhelm Once and For All
overwhelm is like a crooked thief who sneaks into people’s lives and steals their dreams and leaves them depressed at the prospect of being unfilled in their lives.

Believing In Yourself
Learn to trust yourself. If you are in doubt about something, imagine there’s this clone of you with unbeatable confidence and laser-sharp purpose.

Getting Whatever You Want
discover how to get whatever you want. I’m going to give you specific principles that, when applied, cause near miraculous results in your life.

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