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Recognizing the Symptoms of A Heart Attack

Heart attack, also called myocardial infarction (MI), is not always fatal, and sometimes not recognized for the serious event it is. It is important to understand the symptoms since more than 100,000 Americans suffer from heart attacks each year. With the epidemic proportions of reported and untreated conditions such as high cholesterol, obesity and high blood pressure, it is no wonder that more and more people are experiencing some form of heart disease and heart attack each year.

The most obvious symptoms of a heart attack include:

  • Chest pain, including pressure or a feeling of heaviness
  • Pain radiating in the arm, neck, back and/or throat
  • Feelings similar to heartburn or indigestion that don't go away with antacids
  • Sweating and dizziness that is not relieved by lying down and resting
  • Rapid heartbeat or irregular rhythm that lasts longer than 30 minutes

Not always are heart attacks underscored by obvious chest pains that result in passing out or the inability to move. In fact, so-called "silent" heart attacks can happen without having any symptoms at all. The only way they are recognized is through an echocardiogram or the development of other symptoms due to the damaged heart muscle, reduced blood flow, or scar tissue on the heart.

If you experience the symptoms of a heart attack you should get emergency treatment in the ER or by calling 9-1-1. If a heart attack can be treated within a couple of hours after the first sign of symptoms, the chance for survival is much greater.

To reduce your risk of having a heart attack, it is important to maintain a healthy weight, eat right to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and get plenty of exercise. If you can maintain good cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight levels, you will not only reduce your chances of a heart attack, but also avoid life-long medications often prescribed to treat cholesterol and blood pressure. The natural methods are always safe and can be effective even in those with a family history of heart disease.

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